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We plan to bring the citizens from Azerbaijan , Iran , Turkey , Armenia and Georgia together for the next international cross-cultural forum in Isfahan, Iran.

Activities of the Forum:

  • The participants together with the local people will have a chance to work together, i.e. clean and beatify the historic sites
  • The participants will share their culture with the international group and the local people vis-à-vis power point presentations, lectures, amateur movies, stories, etc. Different expression of culture can be presented during the Forum (music, literature, visual art, dance, theater, applied art, crafts, architecture, folk art, etc.)
  • Discussions and debates among the participants and the local people on the topics relating to peacemaking, coexistence and intercultural dialogue in the region, cultural similarities and diversifications in the neighboring cultures, historic heritage and preservation, etc.
  • Workshops for the project participants and the local people. One workshop will consist of the interactive games and exercises, role games aiming at establishing tolerance, mutual trust and understanding among the participants. Another workshop will offer the participants through photos and pictures to illustrate the region they envision and desire to live in. The group will explain, motivate and discuss the pattern they've created.
  • Experiencing cultural diversity in Iran by visiting different national and ethnic groups (Arabs, Zoroastrians, Armenians, Azeris, Georgians, etc.) living in Isfahan , Abyaneh historic village and Khashan city