Gori, Georgia, August 2005

Forum Activities

The second round of the forum organized by the Cultural Caucasus movement took place! Having the South Tower project in Gyumri ( Armenia ) as a prototype, this summer a neighboring country Georgia was delighted to host a group of enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic citizens from Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia , Iran , Turkey and the USA in one of its historical sights Uplistsikhe, Gori , Georgia .

The diverse group of six nationalities, committed to the idea of cultural interaction and exchange of national traditions, cohabited for five days in Gori villages. Contented by the generosity and kindliness of the Georgian people, the atmosphere was left to encourage open hearted and casual communication among the representatives of various nationalities.

As a vital component of the forum, the group visited historical sights in nearby villages. The astonishment and respect for the masterpieces, created by ancestors centuries ago, contributed to the willingness to clean and to beautify the surroundings. “We are cleaning historical monuments and at the same time cleaning our souls”, as mentioned one of the participants of the forum.

The mixture of cultures and the feeling of contributing to the beautifying and cleaning process of historical monuments created a lot of positive energy, which was successfully aimed to break the ice and misunderstanding among the nations by educating to be more tolerant, compassionate and objective to each other.

The forum is intended to continue and involve more and more countries to be visited, more and more sights to be cleaned and beautified, more and more stereotypes to be broken, more and more people willing to live and to work for a peaceful world.