Gyumri, Armenia, September 2004

Forum Activities

The main idea of the South Tower project is creation of a network of counterpart persons and ally organizations throughout Caucasus for generating and implementing joint art and culture projects directed to development of tolerance towards different cultures, mutual interests, respect towards mankind values, and development of relationships between citizens of neighboring countries. This can be achieved by simple practical activities, like cleaning and beautifying the historical monuments in our respective countries.

What exactly was accomplished

For four days an active initiative group of like-minded people from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey was cleaning and beatifying South Tower – one of the most prominent historical landmarks in Gyumri (Armenia), by common efforts making it more attractive for the neighborhood and at the same time beautifying the neighborhood itself. On the other hand people from neighboring countries of different professions, aspired by the idea of cooperation for development had possibility for:

Face-to-face communication for several days: to live, to work, to create, to relax together

- To experience different cultures

- To present their own cultural values

- To practice cleaning the environment of a historical monument

The project caused great interest among Gyumri people and visitors, municipality and representatives of international organizations.

The project participants keep on communicating with each other and are planning the continuation of the project in Georgia.