"We can't change people. But when we change ourselves we're changing the world"

Melody Beattie

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The Cultural Caucasus international movement - designed to promote peace, respect, and cultural understanding among the people of the Caucasus region - is initiated and implemented by the City Research Center NGO with support from the Art and Culture Network Program of the Open Society Institute Budapest. Since 2004, these two entities have worked to spread the idea of peaceful coexistence where people know, respect, and care for neighboring nations and their cultures throughout the South Caucasus.

The activities of the movement occur in the surrounding countries of the region: Armenia Georgia , Turkey , Iran every year. Each of the forums is a 5-6 day event consisting of active intercultural communication among and between the citizens of the region through different means means: cleaning and beautification of historical sites, visiting local communities, exploring each others tangible and intangible cultural heritage, making cultural presentations, preparing ethnic dinners, organizing concerts, informal discussions, etc. To date, the most tangible output of the Cultural Caucasus has been the cleaning of historical sites; however, the intangible aspect of cleaning minds and hearts can not go unnoticed. Within years the Cultural Caucasus movement united a group of devoted and motivated citizens from different states of South Caucasus who believe in creation of a more just, free, peaceful and cultural society in South Caucasus and who take initiatives to do so.

During the periods between the annual meetings the project participants continue working via e-mail, phone, and other forms of communication. While communication is mostly informal and friendly it helps generate and develop ideas for further activities concerning the Cultural Caucasus movement, and the exchange of information and knowledge about topics relevant to the movement mission: cultural heritage, cross-cultural dialogue, peace building, multi-cultural environment, etc.